Our Mission

Challenges with traditional sourcing are time -consuming, complex and costly. To add this complexity, you have to enlist multiple sources, reach out to geographically dispersed contract manufacturers, hire people to track the shipments, and have your team checking for quality in a foreign country.

"Use of digital technologies in non customer-facing operating , including souring and procurement, lags behind technology utilization for other critical business activities"

Andrew Durlak
Harvard Business Review

Our differentiator

Our systematic approach enables us to maintain the critical components and meet specifications On Time and Within Budget.

Who We Are

We launched Procure Hospitality with a focus on addressing these challenges with the goal of making this process easier, less expensive and put the power back into your hands. Headquartered on West Coast of California, with our roots in hospitality and technology, we focus on providing a new streamlined supply chain to source furniture, soft seating & FF&E items.  

We are committed to providing exceptional service across a broad range of projects ranging from budget, select service, full service and boutique. We have successfully executed over 125+ projects for the most recognized brands in the industry.
(Hilton, Marriott, Best Western, IHG, Choice Hotels, and more)

Why Us

Boots on Ground:
Procure team at each manufacturing facility to oversee project end to end. This ensures manufacturers are consistent and provide goods that are brand compliant and meet designer specifications.

Real Time Logistics:
Procure Hospitality can provide real time logistics to ensure goods arrive on schedule with no delays.  This provides visibility to our external stakeholders to ensure business continuity and risk mitigation.

Time vs Cost Benefits:
It’s about continually improving and reevaluating how we’re buying to make sure you are getting best outcomes. Sourcing brings a rigorous process to bear to drive value beyond cost savings.

Strategic Partner:
As partner our responsibilities include activities such as alignment of plans to business objectives; supplier research, assessment, and development; contract negotiation; and supplier relationship management, including risk management.  

In a world of real-time collaboration, software is a make or break investment.  Strengthen sourcing’s influence with both internal stakeholders and external partners through a collaborative interface. Centralized data allows a more transparent experience for designers and developers, and enables the measurement of sourcing impact down to the bottom line.

Our Team

We have over 150 years of combined knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry,
along with the most experienced, established manufacturers whose #1 goal is quality.
We are equipped to meet the demands of every project.

Shishir Patel
Jyo Patel
President & CEO
Paul Overton
Dir. of Sales - Americas
Sam Remirez
Dir. of Operations
Sheila Wright
Dir. of Brand Relationship
Paul Sheth
Business Development
Trista Li
Dir. of Operations - Asia
Kevin Holland
Dir. of Marketing