Last published:
November 22, 2021

Choosing the Right Furniture Manufacturer for your Hotel

What to Consider in Planning and Procuring Hotel Furniture

Whether you are starting a new hotel, planning for renovation, a conversion or for brand transformation- choosing the right hospitality furniture manufacturer is a challenging task especially with the COVID-19 pandemic! 

Proceeding with Planning Right Hospitality Furniture 

Even though COVID-19 impacted the hotel industry very badly, the industry is experiencing considerable growth.  Moreover, with the holiday season coming up, the hotel industry is expected to witness a huge demand. To make the best use of this demand, the industry needs to understand the “new normal” post-COVID. Upgrades to your hotels or motels with tending designs, while highlighting safety and health is overall the most important. Hotels must strictly follow regulations while procuring the furniture, which involve choosing the appropriate furniture textiles. 

Hospitality furniture should also be in sync with your client's persona. By doing thorough research to understand your type of customers, will only help you succeed in your design. The type of customers can be categorized based on the age group, profession, location, local culture, purpose hotel serves, areas customers like to spend more, and so on. Based on this, reach out to us at Procure Hospitality and our in-house (Vendor Approved) Designers, to decide on the type of furniture and color scheme to be used! 


Procure Hospitality will help you design and  generate the maximum return on value, plan your budgets and make sure your requirements are procured within your budgets and are delivered on time! 

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