Last published:
September 16, 2021

How Hotels Can Find Right FF&E Procurement Partner To Elevate Hotel Brand Value?

FF&E products can add great value to hotels by skyrocketing elegance and brand value. But finding the right FF&E procurement vendor is the key to generate greater value within your allotted budget. The hotels or motels owners need to thoroughly research and evaluate various parameters to find the right FF&E procurement expert. In this blog,we discuss the significance of the FF&E procurement vendor and what are the various questions one should consider to find the right FF&E partner.


Significance of FF&E Procurement Supplier to Elevate Hotel Brand Value.


FF&E refers to all portable furniture,fittings, and equipment/or products that are simple and easy to detach.FF&E construction refers to the procurement and deployment of the furniture and equipment that are employed to beautify and accomplish pleasant and functional spaces. These include sofas, chairs, electronic equipment,paintings, attractive items, bookshelves, movable cabinets, closets, decorative lightings, and so on. Usually, the FF&E is not included as a part of a basic hotel/motel building agreement among the proprietor and the contractor and the jobis managed by the Proprietor delegate.


Every hotel/motel construction has several components of expense correlated to FF&E equipment. So, the proprietor should contemplate the FF&E expenses in the aggregated budgets of the construction of the hotel. In some cases, as a part of renovation strategy or brand experience. Even though it is not incorporated in the building designs or drawings, some people mention it to portray size.


Undervaluing the overall expenses of hotel construction can leave clueless and disturb the overall brand experience. FF&E expenses can be substantial and to if not anticipated, throughout the construction process can instigate terrible financial wastage and over burden that the hotel proprietor. So, one should have a plan meticulously to decide on which part of the building requires which sort of FF&E equipment and respective budgets. To strategically getter a better Return on Value (ROV) on FF&E equipment, the hotel owners need to consider the right procurement partner.  


Key Questions to Ask to Find Right FF&E Supplier

Some of the points hotel or motel should consider in choosing the right FF&E procurement partnerare:


·      Does the FF&E supplying vendor make location visits or any in the course of the development?

·      Assess how far the FF&E procurement vendor understand your vision, property,project requirements, customized solutions they offer and assist you to enhance your vision and implementation strategy?

·      Ona scale of 10, how much broader knowledge, skill, competence and experience the vendor has?

·      What are the previous project's vendor has handled successfully in supplying FF&E with the hotel or motel industry?

·      Do they offer a complete project budget estimation or only a charge for services?

·      How significantly the vendor assists you in cost savings?

·      Does the supplier have the right team of skilled professionals to deliver end-to-end design and procurement facilities?

·      What process does the vendor follow in the supply chain process to ensure a transparent and smooth shipping process?

·      What are the best practices FF&E procurement company follows to have a better relationship through the process of development to door delivery?

·      Once the installation is completed thoroughly, does the vendor help you through quality checks?

·      Does the supplier designate any dedicated employee who holds accountability and provides all the communication and assistance in the entire supply chain process?

·      Does the FF&E supplier hold responsibility for any damage during the shipment process?


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