Last published:
January 16, 2022

10 Must Consider Points in Procuring Furniture for Boutique Hotel

With the world gradually recouping from the intense pandemic era and lockdowns, people would be eagerly waiting to plan their vacations or weekend trips to relax from the immense stressful time.  In this process, vacation is no beautiful experience if the hotel stay isn’t beautiful. So, hotels have an immense role in making the vacation rejoicing. The intense desire of people to look out for stress buster boutique hotels would be a fascinating thing for customers, as they strike the right balance between luxurious hotels and mid-range hotels. As the meaning of boutique says it is small and fashionable, customers who visit boutique hotels do expect superior experiences. So, boutique hotels need to be planned in a way that meets customer expectations, while offering soulful experiences to customers throughout their stay. 

To enhance customer satisfaction and provide superior experiences, ambience plays a major role and furniture is one of the keys to providing enriching ambience.

Here are 10 aspects the boutique hotel businesses must evaluate in the process of choosing Boutique Hotels furniture:

  1. Before starting to think about boutique hotel furniture, you got to draft what strategy you want to go with to generate better ambience and customer experiences for your customers.
  2. If you are a chain of hotels, brand consistency is key. So, think about the furniture design factors that are in line with your brand, while ensuring the key differentiating factor from your rest of hotels. The furniture isn’t the same for normal hotels and boutique, so you got to figure out furniture designs and styling aspects that make sure it is not out of boutique hotel themes. 
  3. The location where your boutique is built is important to decide the theme of it. Say you have built between a group of companies, here you can’t go for trendy furniture or spa furniture. So, location is a prime factor. 
  4. The culture of the place is very important in designing boutique hotel furniture. Reflecting the local culture, heritage, traditions, art, and so on. Ambience reflecting the culture of the place can be a great asset and can connect with the customers easily. 
  5. The theme of a boutique hotel is another aspect to consider in furniture procurement. Say, you choose the theme to be a spa, then you may use something like Timber decks massage armchairs and so on. 
  6. You got to plot your niche. Perform research and develop customer persona, which elucidates interests, tastes, expectations, type of customers, and so on. Based on persona plan furniture. 
  7. Budget is the key. You can spend as much as you can to get all the styles of furniture in the market. But what is the use of your costs overrun and failed to get ROI? You got to evaluate the budget and then consult procurement experts to understand what best you can get within your budget. 
  8. The boutique hotel requires furniture in various places like the kitchen, lounge, guest rooms, spa, and so on. So, accordingly, decide the budget for each segment and accordingly get furniture.
  9. Most boutique hotels often go for trendy or use & throw a sort of furniture and do not consider quality and durability. When procuring furniture, make sure you procured goods have superior material quality and durability within the intended budget. 
  10. Choosing the right vendor is important. Moreover, deciding on the right vendor and quality products isn’t all you should consider.  While determining an appropriate vendor it is extremely important to consider the quality and consistent service support.