Last published:
June 13, 2022

4 Point Formula for Deciding Best Hospitality Procurement Organization

In the era of experience-as-a-economy, offering best-in-class experiences along with services, is the key. Specifically, the hospitality industry often discovers innovative approaches to improve customer satisfaction by providing better service delivery experiences. Here is where the procurement industry's need comes in for the hospitality industry to improve customer experiences with innovative products. But most hospitality organizations are confused about deciding the right procurement company to serve their needs. In this process, to assist the hospitality industry in choosing the right procurement company, we present 4-point formulae.

1. The collaborative Product Development approach

To ensure a collaborative product development approach, having an eProcurement platform, can be a great approach to record customer data efficiently and retrieve it as needed either by the customer or development teams. This strategic approach facilitates development teams to follow an inclusive process with the client, from proposals to ordering the team to work with the client to understand their business requirements. This approach facilitates teams to work with clients to set deadlines as per business needs and work accordingly.

The clients can track the work status and be assured that the end product is in accordance with their needs. This way, the procurement hospitality industry can ensure customers that there are no surprises in the end by making feel that "This is not the product what I wanted." This transparent approach builds great morale in customers and increases customer satisfaction.

2. Hassle-Free supply chain Management

Due to the lack of an integrated approach to assist and track procurement tasks in real-time, there is a dearth of transparency in the entire supply chain relationship management, resulting in increased operational costs. Here is where an integrated software application can be of great assistance. This approach can help in the following ways:

  • To track the data internal and external to the organization and provide a consolidated view of data.
  • A fully automated approach for the procurement company and the client to monitor all the transactions in real-time by eliminating manual intervention
  • Using in-depth analytics provides better supply chain management strategies to improve planning and traceability in the entire procurement process.

3. Relationship Management in Product Development Process

Most view customers as just cash cows, rather than getting into their shoes to understand their business needs. This is due to the absence of healthy relationships, so they fail to understand and deliver as per client needs. It is to be understood that we are humans, and building strong relationships is key and delivering value to the customer is vital. For building relationships, transparency is one of the key factors. Here procurement company can implement the eProcurement platform approach, which records all the communication data between client and organization. This improves transparency, avoids any communication gaps, and thereby resulting in better relationships.

4. Customer Service Management

In the age of consumerization of services and service-as-economy, customer engagement, retaining, and satisfaction are critical to any business. The same applies even to procurement organizations too. One can't operate anymore with a mindset of "deliver the product once and forget for a lifetime." The Procurement organization's job doesn't end with delivering products; instead, the primary jobs start after the delivery process to offer continuous support.

The most common challenges faced in customer service are:

  • Handling and engaging an increased number of service requests sourced from various communication platforms
  • Due to a lack of integrated approaches and manual processes, a drastic rise in issue resolution time is observed, leading to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Lack of a unified platform for customers to report and track the status of issues reported.
  • Connect with customers across channels

The severity of issues grows with an increase in the number of clients. One poor experience is enough for customers to cut ties with brands. To solve these challenges, the procurement hospitality industry can prefer to have a unified web portal solution that permits customers to report problems and track their issue resolution process 24/7. This saves a lot of manual hours.

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