Last published:
September 1, 2021

Best Sofa Style for 2021

2021 is here, and we are with the best sofa style designs you can select for your hotel & motel that will reflect your hospitality service. Whether you want to create a high-end look for a formal Hotel with a cabriole sofa, add an abundance of seating for casual Motels with a sectional, add interest with a classic Chesterfield design or enjoy the sophisticated elegance of a Lawson or a mid-century modern piece, you will find the sofa you want.


 The Elegant Cabriole

 The high stylish cabriole sofa has graceful lines that curve all the way around.  It is ideal for people who want to create a formal look for their Hotels and Motels.


 The Casual Sectional

 Sectionals sofa are an excellent option for today's cozy lifestyles. Modular pieces can be assembled to accommodate your needs and your space. For the cozy comfort, choose a sectional with the motion to lean back and raise the legs.


 The Traditional Chesterfield

The Chesterfield sofa has a brown leather fabric, deep tufting, and nailhead trim, this style originated three centuries ago in London's gentleman's clubs, and it is still popular today. Modern Chesterfields provide a choice of fabrics and colors, and nailhead trim is optional. This style perfectly blends with classic decor and can prove an elegant accent piece in a Hotel.


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern design characterized by tapered, sometimes conical feet, fluid angles, and neutral upholstery, mid-century modern sofas are symbols of delicate design. The style was inspired by modern Danish furniture in the post war period of the 1950s.


Timeless Lawson

Based on Mr. Lawson's demands, around the turn of the 20th century, the Lawson sofa design was created for him, and it has been in style ever since. Mr. Lawson wanted a sofa that featured clean lines and a simple silhouette, in contrast to the ornate Victorian designs featured at the time. The Lawson exudes timeless elegance, perfect for people who want to display their sophisticated good taste.


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