Last published:
June 13, 2022

How to Choose Right Case Goods Vendor For your Hotel or Motel Business?

Deciding on the right case goods is one of the key aspects of customer satisfaction and promoting the brand value of the business. So, in deciding the right case-goods, hotel, or motel owners case goods should be strategic and focused on choosing the right case good vendor or supplier is the key aspect. To assist hotel or motel businesses in choosing the right vendor or supplier, there are several factors in choosing the right case good vendor.


Factors to Consider in Choosing Right Vendor


Material Standards Respective to Region

Considering the extent of environmental damage happening and climate change, governments are insisting on sustainable development and expecting products that are environmentally friendly with less carbon emission or a footprint. Each country follows distinct material standards. If you consider the United States of America, to decrease exposure to formaldehyde emissions from wood products, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates the composite wood products to be marked as TSCA Title VI compliant. The products included in the rule are hardwood plywood, Medium Density Fibreboard, and particleboard is covered by this rule.


To learn more about what is covered and what is not, click here.


Do they have their Manufacturing facility

Choosing the case goods vendor with no manufacturing facility isn’t a preferable choice. Usually, the vendors outsource the manufacturing job which results in the cost of production increases, compromise in the quality, lesser room for competitive pricing, and service support aren’t accurate. Choosing a vendor with its manufacturing facility is a better choice, as clients can have better involvement and transparency from planning to deployment. It is important to consider the years of experience, skilled team, and accreditations vendor. As the experts and designers are inhouse with transparency in the overall process, clients will have the flexibility to incorporate any ad-hoc changes even during the manufacturing process.


Material Quality and Durability

Most hotels/motels often go for trendy or use & throw a sort of case goods and do not consider quality and durability Currently, there is a use and throw attitude. When procuring case goods, material quality and durability within the planned budget is critical. Several concerns are to be considered in deciding the overall quality of case goods, here are some of the aspects listed below:

 1)Furniture is mostly made of solid woods; however, these can deform, wear & tear, break down, or may give room for bugs that spoil furniture. Most hotels or motels are air-conditioned, and chances are more for solid woods to wear out. Some materials are sensitive to different temperatures, so the surfaces of goods like tables may wear out. So, it is advisable to use a high-pressure laminate to withstand higher temperatures.

 2)In the case of the glass-based case goods, ensure the glass is made of toughened safety glass which is stronger than regular glass.

 3)The surface polish needs to be both non-lethal and resilient.


 Service Support Quality Standards

Choosing the right hotel case goods and purchasing them, isn’t all!  While deciding suitable hotel case goods vendor it is very crucial to think about the quality and consistent service support from the vendor during the entire project to even after completion. Check out whether the vendor offers industry-proven service delivery standards and tailored customer service experiences.


Check List to Consider

·      Does the vendor have a robust testing and quality management process?
      What is the success record of the vendor in delivering case goods?

·      What industry standards does the vendor follow?

·      The package standards following in deployment of case goods.

·      Warranty the vendor offers

·      Customer service facility to either get an update about the product or report issues.